About Us

BLANTEX, INC. is the exclusive importer and distributor for Blaco Exports’ full line of heavy duty steel furniture and mattresses. All our products are Made in North America!

PRODUCTS: We manufacture all kinds of tubular steel furniture including beds, folding beds, bunk beds, loft beds, and special needs beds.  We also specialize in folding cots, special needs cots, folding stools and folding chairs as well as most any kind of innerspring and foam mattresses.

EXPERIENCE: Our original factory opened in 1967, and we are still making some of the same products we started with over 52 years ago. Our quality products and experience allowed us to expand sales in the U.S. with distribution since 1982. We have become a trusted manufacturer with all of customers.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE: We have a proven track record in emergency situations – responding quickly and providing the right product for each situation. A few of the emergencies we have responded to are:

2020 COVID-19 also know as Coronavirus hit worldwide, We responded with over 3,000 FEMA-ADA-IV cots  and countless XB-1 economy cots to support the temporary mobile hospitals.

2016 earthquake in Ecuador we delivered 6,000 folding cots that were air lifted for speedy delivery.

2014/15 we supported the South Texas Family Residential Center, for ICE, with beds & bunk beds.

2011 floods in Minot ND, we provided FEMA with bunk beds for flood victims and first responders.

December 2010 Venezuela floods, we delivered over 8,000 bunk beds and over 16,000 mats.


2008, we delivered tens of thousands of cots in August and September, for both the California wildfires, & Hurricane Gustav. Two weeks later, when Hurricane Ike devastated our hometown of Houston TX. working through the night without power we delivered cots and bunks the day after the hurricane hit.

2005 Hurricanes Katrina & Rita we delivered cots and bunk beds for the region. We had cots ready to deliver to the Red Cross even before they had the buildings to receive them.

9/11/2001 terrorist attack on New York City. Delivered cots to NYC within days of the attack.

QUALITY: We promise to deliver quality furniture that is comfortable and made to last.  All our furniture is made of heavy duty steel for extra strength and durability. Most of our beds are all rated for 1 person up to 375 lbs. The new state of the art powder coating paint line, installed late 2013, promises an exceptional looking and long lasting finish.

DELIVERY:  We have a fully stocked warehouse in Houston, Texas. From this location, we can ship to most parts of the continental U.S. in 3-4 days. If we do not have stock in Houston, we can ship from the factory located in Mexico.  This gives us the ability to respond to all your needs very quickly, including emergency response or special orders.

OUR CUSTOMERS: We sell to: retail stores such as Army/Navy surplus stores, sporting goods stores, camp / campground and furniture stores, as well as hand-picked distributors. Users of our products include Government agencies at the local, city, county, state and federal levels, including FEMA, ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, COAST GUARD, ICE, DoD, DLA and NATIONAL GUARD. Our beds can be found at Fort Benning, Fort Erwin, Fort Lee, Fort A P Hill, Ft Jackson, and any more.   Our products can be found in school, college and university dormitories nationwide as well as work man camps. Other users are for profit and non-profit agencies, hospitals, EMS, police and fire departments, OEM / OES, the American Red Cross, and many more. WE DO NOT SELL TO RETAIL CUSTOMERS. For a list of retailers and distributors please click here.

BLANTEX, INC. DUNS # 611929829   Cage Code 5SH98